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“… amazed at the variety of programs and benefits of the plans you offer and the flexibility that you have to suit everyone’s special needs and desires….I have also investigated the CPP and BMO plans advertising and they cannot hold a candle to yours.”

Heather LaVine Aurora, ON

“What a wonderful act of generosity and love by my father. I’ll miss him terribly but will forever be thankful he looked after this “final” expenses. I can’t express my thanks enough to you.”

Kelly Wilson Brantford, ON

final needs

Most Noteworthy

“My mother had a plan. When she passed away the funeral home was able to take care of the details easily. My mother’s plan covered all the costs. That is why my husband and I have taken out our own plans, our daughters’ burden will be lightened.”

Joy Herrington Campbellford, ON

In Addition

“After my husband died I was left with all the responsibilities of his funeral. I did this so my kids don’t have to make the arrangements. Everyone should do this.”

Barbara Stirrett Gravenhurst, ON


“The sudden loss of our mother was devastating to our whole family. The cost of funerals is very expensive and we felt fortunate that you had enrolled our parents in a plan that paid for the funeral even after only just one payment.”

Zlata Happy Toronto, ON


“It’s comforting to know I have arrangements in place that will give my kids an advantage during a difficult time.”

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