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The Elephas Group’s PharmaCard is a completely free supplemental Patient Benefit Plan.  In addition, regardless of your existing public or private health coverage, Elephas Group allows you to receive the brand-name medications and healthcare products prescribed by your physician at an equal, or similar price to the generic alternative(s).  Finally, see the full list of medications currently covered below.

Also, Additional Services offered Customers by The Elephas Group include Travel Protection, a Monument Service plan, an After Death Documents Service and most noteworthy our Final Needs Planning Program.

Travel Protection protects your family from financial loss in lieu of an unexpected death while traveling. In addition, the Monument Service plan will make it easy to save money.  You will work directly with our Monument Company Partner.  Also, our After Death Documents Service plan will provide relief from all administrative and paper work burdens after the death of a loved one.  Finally, the PharmaCard offered by The Elephas Group will allow for additional savings.  A full list of medications currently covered is located here.

Give your family the peace of mind they deserve.
Contact us at 1-800-661-8908 to enroll.  Don’t forget to ask about our many other services designed to protect you and your loved ones.


*Medications may be removed or added at anytime.

Interested in the Program? Call us or send us an email for more details.