Online Funeral Planning Guide

Planning a funeral and settling an estate is one of the hardest things for a family to do for a loved one. Dealing with paperwork and the estate can be emotional, overwhelming & difficult. Our goal is to help simplify matters for your family.

Completing this step by step guide is easy, it’s highly customizable and can completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Once the guide is completed and you pass, it is sent to the Key Contacts you have specified within the guide. Making it as easy as possible for them to fulfill your final wishes.

Final Arrangements​

Record your final wishes to assist your grieving family in making the final arrangements you desire. This information will provide a “road map” your love ones can follow to memorialize your life.

Personal Preferences

Here is where your loved ones and your chosen funeral home will find all your important personal information that is needed immediately after you pass.

Key Contacts​

These are key people that need to be notified immediately… like family, friends, lawyers, accountants, bank, government offices, employers, etc.

Financial Information

This section is like a vault for all the information that your executor will need access to. They already have one of toughest jobs out there, and we can make it easier for them.

Letters for Loved Ones

Sometimes it’s just plain tough to have certain conversation face to face. You get to pick who gets sent this letter… you can say anything you want or feel is necessary.