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In recognition and celebration of a loved one

The Elephas Group makes this easy by allowing you and your family to work with our Monument Company Partner.  A monument serves to help families cope with their loss and is a permanent memorial to a life lived. The tradition of a monument is as old as mankind. Burial mounds, the pyramids, or today’s monuments all serve the same purpose as they have done throughout history, to mark the location of and memorialize a loved one. Hence, even those who choose cremation use monuments to celebrate and memorialize loved ones. Also, many psychologists and grief counselors say that having a special place to memorialize a loved one is an important part of any family’s grieving process.

Our program makes it easy to work with our monument company partner. Personalize and pay for a monument ahead of time.

Features of Our Service

In addition, you get to decide what you want on your memorial.

If you are married, you can create your tombstone, monument together. Think of how difficult this might be for your wife or husband to have to do this alone. If you are not married, why would you want to leave this to someone else and let them decide on how you will be remembered forever?

It will save you money

First of all, a Tombstone or Monument is not the least expensive thing you will buy in your life, nor should it be. Also remember, these are built and designed to last hundreds of years. In addition, we still have headstones going back to the very founding of our country. Historically, prices go up 5 to 10 percent every 1 to 3 years, so 15 years from now will quite likely cost more than it does now.

You can be less emotional about your choice

Take the time now to think about what you want on your monument. You can make it something that truly reflects the person it is meant to celebrate.  Also, this alleviates being rushed through tear filled eyes to come up with something or leaving it to someone else.

We have products that can fit into anyone’s budget

Finally, it is simple and easy and can be paid in full or through monthly payments and will guarantee the price of your monument at today’s prices so you or your family will not have to pay any more for your selection regardless of how much the price increases in the years to come.

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