Final Needs Planning Program™ - How it Works

What Does Burial Insurance Cover?

What Does Burial Insurance Cover? How It Works, Plan Ahead

What Does Burial Insurance Cover?  Final Planning, How It Works.  Funeral PlansPre Paid Funeral Plans, helping loved ones plan and cope at a time of loss is what our family has been doing for as long as we can remember. First of all, each plan is individually customized to meet your family’s needs.  In addition, each plan is adaptable and affordable,  Also, each plan can perfectly fit in to your current financial situation.  Finally, our family business, backed by Assurant Life, provides professional advice and support when it comes to final needs planning and offers:

  • Free professional advice with your own personal account executive
  • Custom plans starting as low as $5 per month
  • Also, Plans grow forever, tax-free
  • Payments made for a specific period and never go up
  • No delays for probate or estate settlement
  • Average payout within 7 hours
  • In addition, Everyone accepted regardless of medical history

How it works

Elephas Group Funeral Plans, designed to help you provide all of the funds your family will need to cover the cost of your funeral. Individually customized funeral expense insurance plans to meet your needs, adaptable, and affordable, making it perfect whatever your financial situation. Money in your plan is also sheltered, keeping it out of the reach of nursing homes, lawyers and estate fees.



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