Final Document Service

Final Document Service, Aftercare Documents Service

Final Document Service means relief from administrative burdens after the death of a loved one.  Here are a few actions the Final Documents Service will initiate for your family:

  • Advise credit bureaus to prevent identity theft
  • In the case of theft, ensure full restoration complete with assistance, education and investigation
  • Furthermore, Notify Veterans Affairs
  • Also Apply for Canada Pension Plan death, survivor
    and children’s benefits
  • Notify insurance companies and banks
  • Apply for a HST refund
  • File for corporate pension plan benefits in Canada or foreign countries
  • Notify passport and driver’s license offices
  • In addition Retire the deceased’s Social Insurance Number and Health Card
  • Transfer reward points in affinity or membership cards
  • Notify and terminate WSIB coverage 


When the time is right, your family can call our FDS professionals to initiate the review process. After a few questions, FDS completes the necessary research and prepare all the final documents needed. Hence, when your family receives the customized package of completed forms, all they need to do is follow the written instructions, sign the documents, insert the required certificates and drop them in the mail. FDS makes it that convenient!


Most noteworthy, your FDS assistance provider is a pioneer in aftercare estate documentation and is a recognized specialist in the field. In addition, they have an extensive database of Canadian and foreign government contacts and associates fluent in English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

  • First of all, cost for FDS Plan spread over time, paid by cheque, bank draft or credit card
  • In addition, FDS payment conveniently combined with funeral expense plan premium
  • Also, FDS Plan cost guaranteed for life
  • Finally, peace of mind knowing document details post funeral will be taken care of.

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