Unique Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

Special and Unique Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

Memorlialize Loved Ones Death

We all want to pay our respects to the people we love, and this is especially true when paying tribute to them in a funeral or memorial service. Making the event special allows us to express our love and pay our respects in a way that’s meaningful to the life that is celebrated.

Remembering a loved one long after the funeral and/or memorial service is equally important as it keeps the love and memory of the person alive. It affords us the opportunity in future to take the time to reflect on the time we shared with them and it give future generations pause for thought.

Ways in Which Loved Ones Can Memorialize Their Dearly Departed

Personalized Memorial Monuments

We celebrate people that we have lost not only during a memorial service, but on a continuous basis as a way to keep the memory of dearly departed and the legacy they left behind alive. It is our way to acknowledge that people we have lost continue to shape our present and future.

This is why we’ve developed Monument Services that help guide you on all the options you have available. We assist with Tombstones and Memorial Stones in any shape or form so that it is personal and a reflection of the person and what they meant to the world. Our monument services also save you time and money by allowing you to choose what best suits your preference and budget.

Custom Cremation Jewellery and Designer Memorial Urns

Some loved ones prefer to be cremated and The Elephas Group is happy to help make this a special experience as well. We’ve partnered with the industry’s best to help you with the procurement of high quality and fit-for-purpose cremation urns or jewellery.

This helps us to give dignity to the life we celebrate and it serves as a constant reminder of the special times that were shared. The Elephas group supports you through every step of the buying process when finding the pendant, memorial ash holder, box, or urn that speaks to you. All designs are carefully considered and executed according to the wishes of the people left behind.

These keepsake ashes allow families to all share in the memory as the pendants can be made to all that want to keep some of the dearly departed’s ashes with them. The jewellery option helps loved ones spread far and wide to remain together in this way.

Headstones That Cast Your Loving Memory

Having a beautiful headstone turns any grave into a piece of history that permanently dedicates the respect of the dearly departed. Custom headstone designs and engravings allow loved ones to create a unique and lasting legacy of a life worth remembering.

Purchasing a headstone through The Elephas Group gives you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones can return to the grave to give praise to the person that has passed away. It also gives you a physical place to return to when you want to reflect and reminisce on deeply personal memories that help everyone to move on.


When we plan for and hold funerals and other memorial services, you will often find that family and friends love having a portrait of their dearly departed present at the service. For many it gives solitude having a physical presence of the person often depicted in their happiest state.

The portrait is also a lovely piece that can hang in your home so that you and all the people that shared their life with them can fondly look at it and pay a short tribute. Engraving options are endless and there are even designs or fonts that can be shown to help you in your decision making.

Portraits can also be incorporated with custom jewellery, tombstones, headstones, and memorial urns that The Elephas Group can assist with. Your ability to create a personal message is what gives meaning to the life lived and celebrated.

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