Funeral Planning Guide and Checklist

A Funeral Planning Guide and Checklist

Funeral Planning Guide Checklist

Why It’s Important to Be Organized about Planning a Funeral

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy and the emotional toll it takes on the ones left behind is heartbreaking. This is why it’s important to think ahead and do some of the planning now so that your loved ones can focus on celebrating your life instead of drowning in administration.

Being able to put certain things in place while you are living a wonderful and purpose-driven life helps ensure that your loved ones can indeed celebrate your life as best they can when you are no longer around.

The Elephas Group has years of experience in assisting people during this difficult time with the Final Needs Planning Program. The team has developed an online portal called the Online Funeral Planning Guide that helps you plan ahead.

The Funeral Planning Guide – What Does It Do and How Does It Benefit You?

It Already Covers the Basics

Based on years of research and experience, the Online Funeral Planning Guide comes standard with checklists and other considerations you need to put in place. It’s a preplanning toolkit that gives you the power to lend a helping hand to the people you leave behind.

There are so many reasons why it is important to plan ahead. Having this burial planning guide will enable your loved ones to know what to do and when to do it. This cuts out the need to do any guessing, and enables everyone to make informed decisions that eliminated unnecessary stress.

It Considers You and Adapts to Your Personal Preferences

We celebrate life with all its diversity and uniqueness. The Elephas Group feels that your personal preferences give you the ability to say goodbye in a way only you can. Preferences can range from specific arrangements like printed booklets, flowers/music, or spiritual preferences based on your faith.

Not only do you get to express your send-off in the way you would prefer it to be, but it gives your family and friends the added comfort knowing that it is something you actually wanted.

You Get to Identify All the Key Contacts That Will Need to Be Reached

Knowing who to contact after a loved one has passed away is not something that’s often thought about ahead of time. This can leave remaining loved ones with the burden of figuring it out the most difficult of times.

The Online Funeral Planning Guide enables you to capture all the important contact information of family, friends, or even financial planners that need to be contacted in the event of your passing. The planning guide can also be printed for those that need extra time to gather their thoughts.

It Captures Your Key Financial Information

Traditionally, few people want to talk about finances when a loved one has passed away, yet it is something important for whoever is planning the funeral. It is also equally important to the key dependents that are left behind.

Now you get to capture who manages your financial planning, who will serve as the executer of your estate, and who you would like to be notified about your passing. It is this kind of preplanning that’s a great gift you can pass down to your loved ones.

When you speak to people, they will often share testimonials about how the preplanning elements of this Online Funeral Planning Guide with all its checklists have helped them better deal with their loss. All the costs and other related matters are also taken care of.

You Get to Leave a Personal Message

When it’s our time to say goodbye, our loved ones will not only miss spending time with us, but also, may wish for the ability to hear a final message from us. Fortunately, The Elephas Group makes sure special messages are shared with your loved ones.

Our Letters for Loved Ones service is the kind of special touch that gives your loved ones the opportunity to hear from you one last time, and will give them something to draw strength from. These requests are kept strictly confidential and allow you to say absolutely anything you’d like as a last message to your friends and family.

For more details on this service and more, we invite you to check out our Online Funeral Planning Guide.

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