The Elephas Group, Plan A Funeral, Funeral Checklist

The Elephas Group, Plan A Funeral, Funeral Checklist

How To Plan A Funeral Checklist

Tips On Organising A Funeral

Firstly, when loved ones pass away, you will want to ensure the departed has the type of funeral service or memorial that they truly deserve. Moreover, here are things to consider when planning the final tribute.

1. Viewing

In short, when someone passes, it is not uncommon for family and friends to want to view the dearly departed. Some believe viewing the body aids in the grieving process, as it verifies that the death has actually occurred. In addition, individual perspectives on visitation or viewing the dearly departed can be varied, as this is quite the personal choice, whether to view the body, or not.

2. Flowers, Notifications, Memorials

In addition, it is quite typical for friends and family members to pay their respects with flowers and / or charitable donations in memory of the departed. In many cases the Funeral Home can assist with the organization and the documentation of both. Also, the Funeral Home can collect and distribute charitable funds on your behalf. Therefore, check with the chosen Funeral Home for inclusive services provided.


To sum up, the obituary notification, death notice announces the death of the departed as well as details of the funeral or memorial service. Thus, many times this notification serves to pay homage to the departed, accolades, accomplishments of a life well lived.

Consequently, you do not need to decide whether to place a memorial at the grave or tomb until after the service. Policies concerning appropriate memorials vary from place to place. The Funeral Home should be able to assist and advise, as well as make these arrangements on your behalf.

3. Funeral Procession Transportation

Certainly, you’ll need to decide on the size and make up of the funeral cortege. Questions to think about include:

The hearse type

The number and type of additional automobiles needed

Where will the funeral cortege leave from?

Also, will the funeral procession take a special route?

Will you require wheelchairs for elderly or disabled mourners?

In addition, where will you return to?

Certainly, the above is not all inclusive, but a general list of items.

4. Bearing the Casket

Similarly, determining the bearers of the casket can be decided by the family members or by the Funeral Home by utilizing their personnel for this task. In addition, family members will determine bearers, as allowed based on number of surviving family members and or colleagues or friends of the departed.

5. Music

Firstly, many people request specific pieces of music to be performed at the service. Also, if this has not been determined prior the Funeral Home can advise and recommend the most appropriate musical arrangements for you.

6. Eulogies

Most importantly, the eulogy commemorates and pays tribute to the dearly departed’s life. And this can be a prepared speech including a favorite passage, poem or memory.

7. Catering

In addition, you might want to offer guests food and beverages after the service. Hence, you will need to determine who will provide the catering, what will be served and also the location where it will be offered. Moreover, you may prefer to offer food and beverages at your home. Finally, if not convenient, at a location near where the service has actually been held.

8. Burial or Cremation?

First of all, if there is no cemetery plot in existence and a plot must be purchased, this can be set up directly with the cemetery or through the Funeral Home. Cemetery plots are quite expensive. Also, costs increase significantly in some locations if the deceased lived outside the cemetery’s province, due to transportation costs that will be incurred. In addition, cemetery burials are also subject to regulations. in churchyards go through regulations and policies of the church authority concerned. Moreover, these regulations typically concern the type and size of headstone or memorial that can be positioned on the grave following the service. Therefore, check with the Funeral Home to know exactly what regulations are involved prior to burial. This will avoid any unnecessary distress.


If you go with cremation, here are some questions to consider:

Is there a transportation fee if the person dies outside a designated area?

Also, is the cremation container extra?

In addition, is paperwork (CPP funeral benefits and death certificates) included in the fee?

And how many death certificates will be provided?

Is the obituary included? If so, where will it appear?

Will there be a visitation prior to cremation?

Finally, if there is a visitation, what kind of casket will be used? Some cremation containers are quite simple, while others can be more presentable and cost more.

Can there still be a Funeral Service or Memorial?

The ashes can be maintained by the loved ones, interred in a brand-new or existing family grave or tomb, or spread in a place deemed as suitable by the family or as requested by the deceased before fatality.

In other words, these are the typical choices to consider. Finally, various other possibilities can be reviewed with the chosen Funeral Home, or if pre planning, your Funeral Plan Supplier.

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