Planning a Funeral. Avoid These 5 Mistakes.

When planning a funeral, we want to make sure we do everything in our power to make sure ourselves or our loved one receives the perfect farewell. The last thing we want to have on our families minds after a funeral is how all of the funeral arrangements could have been handled better.

Mistakes happen. When something important as a funeral comes along however, we can be less forgiving towards each other and ourselves. That why it is important to avoid some of the following mistakes that we have provided, to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

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1. Not comparing prices.

When families have such a short window to plan a funeral, they are likely going to sign with the first funeral home they see. When you have the added benefit of time, you can make sure you are not only finding the perfect funeral home, cemetery, and other arrangements. You can compare several contracts and prices to see which options are more affordable. Having a firm understanding of the agreements you sign will also help prevent any hidden costs from arising.

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2. Don’t let money become an issue.

Funerals can get expensive. When family comes together to make the final funeral arrangements, they need to make a budget in a short window. Most family arguments can start over the sensitive issue of money. When the funeral arrangements are made, and the funeral is pre-funded, money issues are effectively removed from the equation. After all, everyone wants the same thing – to attend a beautiful funeral, where we can mourn together.

3. Forgetting the details.

Like most things in life, a lot of beauty can be found in the details. Are the favourite flowers of the deceased going to be on display? Is everyone that should be invited going to be made aware? Is there any favourite readings the deceased would have like to be read? When you plan the funeral in advance, all of these little details should be taken into deep consideration.

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4. Forgetting to host a reception

There are many non immediate people who are hurting as well. A reception is a great way for everyone the loved one touched to reconnect and heal. However, if you are looking to hold a private function, then that should be made clear to close family and friends.

5. Not recording the last wishes

Many times a will won’t mention many facts about the funeral. When the deceased has left behind special requests for their funeral service, it will make the whole process much easier for the family to arrange.

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