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Any reception you’ve attended would see small crowds of people looking fondly at the memories displayed in a photo frame. Families have gone through the process of digitizing family photos.  Photos, videos help tell a story of the deceased.  And go a long way to bring back the most precious memories of one’s life.

There are many ways to go about digitizing and presenting photos that can either be done by yourself or a professional funeral planning service This article will help put you on the right path.

Get a Head Start

It’s important to get a good head start. Carefully organizing your photos today ensures readiness for when needed.

Scan these photos yourself or have someone who is more technologically savvy.  Then you don’t need to hire a copy and print shop.  Newer smartphones have impressive cameras that will also be able to capture your photo. Once you have all photos scanned, load to your computer.  Then you can crop and edit them using tools like Photoshop.

It’s always a great idea to browse through social media sites like Facebook that contain photos of your close family. There you can download them directly to your computer.

Organization is Key

Some images in the wrong folders, improperly tagged, become impossible to find. In addition, the old family photo albums you have tucked away can take a while to scan and load to your computer. Having images consolidated into a single folder and tagged saves a lot of headaches.

Making a Presentation

Once you have your photos together and properly organized, the process of making a slideshow, video, or a great collage are made much simpler.


Majority of services gather your old photos and put them together in an randomized slideshow accompanied with some music. This is a common choice as it is a relatively quick process. If you are going to go this route, remember you always have the choice to order the sequence of photos in the way that you prefer. Some people prefer starting with older photos and ending with more recent ones. In order to do that, the image files on the computer must be properly dated and tagged.

Adding Video

Breaking up the sequence of a slideshow by adding a video can provide a lot of extra emotional impact. There are a lot of services that can turn old family videos into a format playable on any computers. In recent years, smartphones have captured hi-quality video easily transferred to computers and input right into a slideshow.

Give it some Context

Adding text to the slideshow in the form of a caption will help provide context for the people viewing that particular photo. Favourite poems and quotes beloved by the deceased will also go a long way to telling a better story of their life.

Send the Love

There are many ways others can take the slideshow with them after the service. You could either burn it to a DVD, provide USB keys with the file attached, or upload it online so it is easily shared among family and friends.


Compiling all of these photos can be a timely process, so it may be in your best interest to familiarize yourself with this process now, or get started today with a free professionally done ‘Personal Funeral Planning Guide’ booklet compiled by Final Needs Planning.
A funeral is a chance to say your final goodbye, but photographs let the memory of someone live on forever. Contact us today to explore how Final Needs Planning can help give new life to your old family photos.

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