Avoiding Unexpected Funeral Expenses

On Friday, March 11th, 2017, the Toronto Star released an unsettling story. It was the tale of a family who devastated after hearing how the funeral they prearranged did not go as planned.

In 1988, James Graham and his wife planned and paid for their cremation and burials. After his passing, his family was surprised to see an additional $5,000 in unexpected fees and expenses.

After the CBC and the Toronto Star launched an investigation into this group of funeral homes, they discovered several families who have felt blindsided from unexpected fees and overly expensive bills. Not only are families feeling devastated by the fees, many are feeling pressured to purchase more products from the funeral homes. Embalming for instance, is one service that people in the article have been sold under the pretense that they are mandatory. Embalming is not mandatory in the province of Ontario.

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As a family run business, Elephas Group prides itself on putting family members first at when they need it most. Sales pressure and unethical tactics are among the last things a family should be concerned during a loss of a loved one.

How do I avoid running into unexpected funeral costs?

With the benefit of foresight and planning, you have the power to avoid any surprises. The consultants at the Final Needs Planning Program™ help you budget for the funeral you want. We work together to help find and finance the funeral you are looking for. There is no pressure, no stress, just good advice, and a custom built Final Needs Plan that works for your and your family.

See how the Final Needs Planning Program™ works here.

The consultants working with the Final Needs Program™ will let you know what services and items you need to purchase as well as some purchases that are non-essential. Ironing out these details in advance will help assure that you are paying for the funeral you need. Family members can then focus more on grieving, and less time struggling to find out why the funeral bill ended up being so high.

Interested in learning how funeral planning will work for you? Consult our Final Needs Planning Guide website for more helpful information.

“My mother had a plan. When she passed away the funeral home was able to take care of the details easily. My mother’s plan covered all the costs. That is why my husband and I have taken out our own plans, our daughters’ burden will be lightened.”

Joy Herrington Campbellford, ON

Our consultants are there to assist your family before and after the date of the funeral. Please contact us today so we can help assure that your final needs are well taken care of – well in advance.

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