Burial Coverage Insurance
that Works with Your Family, Your Needs and Your Current Situation

Burial Coverage Insurance

How it Works

In brief, The Elephas Group’s Funeral Planning Program has been helping loved ones plan and cope at a time of loss for as long as we can remember. First of all, each Funeral Insurance plan is individually customized to meet your family’s needs.

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In summary, The Elephas Group’s Pre-Planning Consultants provide free advice  in order to assist Clients in setting up the most appropriate Insurance plan for the situation.  In addition, each  plan is customizable, allowing consideration for each Client’s financial health and family situation at the current time.

Final Needs Planning

Final Needs Planning, Funeral Planning Guide

Above all, The Elephas Group’s Personal Funeral Planning Guide allows you to keep your memories alive forever! To say nothing of planning your funeral in keeping with your wishes, with no surprise fees or expensive arrangements.

Final Needs Planning. Shielding your family from unexpected financial loss is easy and affordable.

Backed by Assurant Life of Canada, The Elephas Group’s Pre-Planning Consultants provide advice free of any charge, in order to assist Clients in setting up the most appropriate plan for the situation. Also each account plan is customizable, allowing consideration for each Client’s financial health and family situation at the current time.

Final Needs Planning Program ™

Subsequently, Ontario’s premier Funeral Plan Provider, the Elephas Group, announces the Final Needs Planning Program™. Hence, this Program allows Canadian Clients to Pre Plan and Pre Pay for their Funerals at low monthly costs.

Travel Protection Plan

First of all, The Elephas Group’s Worldwide Travel Assistance Plan shields your family from financial loss in lieu of an unexpected death while traveling, providing Travel Protection that covers all of the unexpected details. In addition, this includes Location Transportation, Documents Handling, Consular Services.

Final Documents Service

In summary, Final Documents Service is relief from administrative burdens after the death of a loved one. Also, our Aftercare Document Preparation service will advise Credit Bureaus, notify Veteran's Affairs, apply for CPP Benefits, notify Banks, Insurance companies and apply for HST refund.

Final Needs Planning Program

Final Needs Planning Program ™

More importantly, introducing our “taking care of everything” program When it comes to planning for your final needs, you shouldn’t have to lose sleep over increasing or exorbitant rates, hidden fees, and  delays. Thus, that’s why we’re excited to start our rates at the low price of only $5 per month—and once agreed upon, payments will never increase. Hence, if you leave the province, you’ll never have to pay a penalty upon transferring to a new home. In addition, your plan will continue to grow for as long as you live, you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that you will not have to pay taxes, lawyer fees, or lose money to potential nursing homes—the money in your plan is completely sheltered by our Assurant Solutions-backed insurance
guarantee. Also we never charge “secret” additional fees, keeping
your money where it belongs—in the hands of those you love.


Your passport to peace of mind.

Final Documents Service

In the first place, The Elephas Group’s Final Documents Service is a thoughtful act to protect your family from additional grief.

Subsequently, our FDS provides your family with a professional, knowledgeable and convenient Aftercare Document Preparation service.

Thus, when the time is right, your family can call our FDS professionals to initiate the review process. After a few questions, FDS completes the necessary research and prepare all the final documents needed.

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Our program makes it easy to work with our monument company partner. Personalize and pay for a monument ahead of time


RX Help with The Elephas Group’s PharmaCard.  First of all, our Card is a completely free supplemental Patient Benefit Plan. In addition, regardless of your existing public or private health coverage, Elephas Group allows you to receive the brand-name medications and healthcare products prescribed by your physician at an equal, or similar price to the generic alternative(s).


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